Although it is common for cracks to form over time as a house settles, when they become too large or the water pressure builds up around or under the foundation, they could result in moisture and water intrusion after rainfall. Any water or moisture that enters your basement can lead to property damage and mold growth. It is important to address these issues promptly, as they may worsen over time if left unattended.

Many homeowners opt for store-bought products to fix foundation cracks themselves. Although this approach may provide a temporary fix, it is not likely to solve the problem in the long term. Plus, DIY fixes are not an effective solution if the cracks are due to structural issues.

Other Common Symptoms

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Musty odors
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Foundation damage

Root Causes of Water Seepage in Your Home

  • Surface Water and Subsurface Groundwater: Poor exterior drainage, improper land grading or a faulty gutter system can cause water to build up around the foundation. This puts pressure on the walls, which could cause settlement issues. Hydrostatic pressure from excessive moisture in and around the foundation can lead to degradation, further cracks, and damage to the basement and crawl space walls.
  • Foundation Settlement: Issues like poorly compacted soil, excessive moisture in the soil, and errors or misjudgments with initial construction can cause a home to settle abnormally. These can lead to cracks and water intrusion. They may also lead to other issues throughout the home, like sticking doors and cracked drywall and ceilings.

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Permanent Solutions for

Water Seepage in Your Home

Yard Drainage

Fixing the root cause of the issue is just as important as waterproofing. Yard drainage solutions such as gutter extenders, French drains, and catch basin and drain systems are all options depending on where water...


Foundation Repair

Some common foundation settlement techniques include underpinning, slabjacking, installing wall anchors, and installing helical piers.



Crawl space waterproofing can eliminate moisture problems in this problem area of the home for good. Both exterior and/or interior waterproofing systems can keep the crawl space dry and also prevent mold growth and musty...


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation adds a moisture barrier to the floor to completely seal the crawl space off. Drains are also commonly installed with encapsulation to remove any unwanted water.



Water seeping through crawl space cracks? Water seeping through walls? It’s a sign of a problem that you don’t want to ignore. Putting off repairs will likely only cause the problem to worsen, causing more damage and making for a more expensive repair in the long run.

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