Basement Waterproofing for Residential New Construction Homes

Without the protection of basement waterproofing and drainage systems, the foundation can let water and moisture into the area, leading to water damages, mold, and unhealthy air quality.

Moisture Loc provides basement waterproofing and drainage systems for residential construction basements that provide the moisture and water protection your new home needs.

Residential Construction Basement Waterproofing

  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing Membrane

  • Basement Drain Systems & Drain Board

  • Strip Drain Products

  • Rigid Foam Wall Insulation

  • Interior Grading Services

  • Mold Prevention Application

  • Sealed Pipe Penetrations

  • Sump Pump & Dehumidifier Installations

Waterproofing a basement maximizes the home’s available living space, improves the interior environment because the likelihood of water intrusion, high levels of condensation, humidity and mold growth is reduced. Finally, the addition of exterior insulation to a waterproofing application reduces home energy use and lowers utility bills.

If you are building new construction and looking to prevent basement water and foundation problems, Moisture Loc has the solutions you need. Our team of experts will help you with the most efficient solution for your residential construction project. We work hard to provide satisfaction to our customers with quality workmanship and communication throughout ever project. Plan your next basement construction project with Moisture Loc.

Moisture Loc is a leading provider of basement waterproofing services for residential construction in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas. Contact us to receive a free estimate today!

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