Below-Grade Waterproofing for Commercial Construction

Moisture Loc specializes in applying below grade waterproofing systems for new commercial buildings across the Charlotte NC area.

Waterproofing is important for the protection of below ground sections of buildings or structures, preventing water intrusion and avoiding expensive problems in the future. Depending on its application, below grade waterproofing can be pre-applied or post-applied. Typically, the outside of the foundation wall is an application of a hot or cold applied system. Additional features to the system may include protection board, drainage board and insulation.

Below Grade Waterproofing System

  • Spray-Apply Waterproofing Membrane

  • Drainage Protection Board

  • Pipe & Stone, Foundation Drain System

  • Single Wall Pipe on Grade

  • Sump Pump Installations

  • Dehumidifier Installations

Our team of waterproofing professionals are experienced, highly skilled, and safety trained. We utilize the highest quality waterproofing materials and the latest equipment and application techniques. Whether you are constructing an 18 story commercial building, a series of condominiums, or a two story house, Moisture Loc will deliver a quality waterproofing job.

If you have any questions about our below grade waterproofing services for your commercial construction project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you with the best solution for your building.

Moisture Loc is a leading provider of below grade waterproofing services for new construction in Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas. Contact us to receive a free estimate today!

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