Foundation cracks are often indicative of a home that’s not settling properly. While these cracks can be unsightly and concerning for homeowners, not all cracks indicate a problem that should be addressed.

For instance, hairline cracks are very small, usually less than a millimeter in size. They’re not cause for immediate concern but should be monitored to see if they expand over time. The more concerning types of foundation cracks are vertical cracks, up-and-down cracks, horizontal cracks, and stair-step cracks. These latter types of cracks are often indicative of foundation issues that need to be addressed.

Other Common Symptoms

  • Doors or windows that stick when they’re opened or closed
  • Uneven flooring
  • Concrete shrinkage
  • Foundation walls separating from soil
  • Trim that’s beginning to pull away from windows
  • Cracks in drywall or around doors and windows

Root Causes of Foundation Cracks

  • Improper Home Settlement: From improper drainage to surface water issues to even faulty building practices when the home was constructed, there are various reasons why a home’s foundation may degrade prematurely. Diagonal or horizontal cracks in the drywall and basement walls are all signs to look out for.
  • Surface and Subsurface Water Issues: Have standing water in your yard or driveway? If the water builds up around your foundation, it can put pressure on the walls and floors, leading to crack formation and foundation problems.

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Permanent Solutions for

Foundation Cracks

Yard Drainage Solutions

Foundation problems often stem from poor yard drainage. If water is left to pool around the foundation, it can put excessive pressure on the walls and floor, which can lead to crack formation and moisture...



Basement waterproofing solutions are necessary when standing water or moisture accumulates in your basement. Water and moisture in your basement can potentially cause costly damage to your home, so it is critical to repair issues...


Foundation Repair

Foundation repair solutions may range from carbon fiber straps to support bowing basement walls to wall anchors, slabjacking, underpinning, and installing helical piers. Not all cracks require foundation repair, but if the cracks are a...



If cracks are developing in the basement or crawlspace, they should be at least monitored. But if you notice the cracks increasing in size or more forming, it’s time to call in an expert to get to the bottom of your problem. This is especially true if water is coming in through the cracks after any type of rainfall or weather event.

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