Yard Drainage Contractors

A chronically wet yard is more dangerous than most think. The hydraulic pressure of water-logged yards will disperse water to surrounding spaces, including under your home. Like having your home rest in a swamp, the excess water will cause your home to shift and require¬†foundation resettlement. In extreme cases, sinkholes can develop. Moisture Loc’s yard drainage contractors will discover the source of your drainage issues and provide the best solution to direct water away from your yard and home.

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yard drainage services

Down Spout Extensions

Adding extensions to your downspouts or perimeter yard drains ensures that water travels far enough away from your home. These extensions attach securely to the downspout or yard drain and rest below ground level for aesthetic and safety purposes.

French Drain System

French drains, or pipe and stone drains, are slotted pipes buried in a channel filled with stone to collect excess water and direct the water away from your home. The water is either ejected to a lower level, such as a ditch, well, or street, or pumped to a desired location.

yard drainage services
yard drainage services

Catch Basin & Drain System

A catch basin has a grate on top and a drainage pipe that slopes away from the basin, installed at a low point on the property. When water and debris enter the box through the grate, the debris settles to the bottom while water drains out of the pipe. Our yard drainage contractors implement catch basins to catch, hold, and filter runoff water on your lawn.

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