Many homes today have a basement, but it’s not always in a usable condition. Some people may use it as a storage area, while others may want to consider renovation, but the space may not be suitable due to water infiltration. If you’re faced with this problem, you need to take care of that moisture by waterproofing but will want to work out how much it costs and factor this into your budget. But where do you start?


The Root of the Problem

You need to understand scope and scale before you can do anything else, as there may be several potential problems to manage.

  • Is the guttering system on your house in good condition, or do you have any leaks, broken connectors, or downspouts that are not positioned correctly?
  • Some downspouts empty rainwater so close to the side of the house that it seeps back into the foundation. It would be better if there was an extension to the mouth of each downspout to carry the water away.
  • Look at the condition of your landscaping to see if the area around your home is sloping backward (known as negative grading). Some people will add plants or shrubbery to help soak up some of the moisture and keep the water in check.
  • Is your plumbing in good condition, or do some of your water pipes leak? Some of these pipes may run under your living room floor and above the ceiling in an unfinished basement. They could be contributing to the issue without you realizing it.

The Solutions

Once you’ve determined the problem, you need to see what budget waterproofing solutions are available.

  • You may have to install a drain within your basement to capture any seepage and remove it. This will require excavation to install the drain, the piping, and the evacuation point.
  • You may also need to install a French drain nearby so that you can capture excessive rainwater and any water from your basement.
  • If the situation is particularly bad, you may have to install a sump pump and an underground pressure relief system. This can deal with any moisture coming up from the soil beneath.
  • You can install vapor barriers, and these are often used if you have a crawlspace as well as or instead of a basement. These barriers can seal the area between the home and the soil and create durable barriers to entry.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to waterproof a house?

If you want to waterproof your home, you need to work out a budget so you can plan the work around all of your other commitments. Your first step will be to bring in an expert to look at the scale of the problem and give you an accurate estimate. After all, there are many things to consider, and it’s impossible to give a straight price without other information.

For example, professionals will need to know the size of the basement. If the builder or a previous owner had not installed any waterproofing at all and you have extensive infiltration, the price could be on the higher end of the scale. The property’s age will also be important, as many older homes may not have a drainage system of any kind, while modern designs will typically include one.

Your estimator will also look at the type of foundation, as it may need to be modified to ensure that the problem does not recur.


How much does exterior waterproofing cost?

There are many variables to consider, and you will need to bring in an expert to give you an accurate estimate.


Is waterproofing a basement worth it?

If you want to avoid bigger problems in the future and safeguard the home’s inherent value, you certainly need to think about basement waterproofing. While you may not use your basement for everyday activities, and it may be out of sight and out of mind, you cannot afford to ignore it.

If problems are left unchecked, they could lead to mold formation, and toxic spores could multiply, finding their way into the living space above. If you have any exposed wood in the basement, it will also attract mold and mildew and will begin to rot. It could be very attractive to a colony of termites that rely on moisture as a source of food to proliferate, just like mold.

If you do nothing about the problem, you may have difficulty in selling the home in the future or may have to settle for a much lower price. In this case, a prospective owner will certainly consider their own repair bills to tackle the waterproofing issue and will expect to receive a discount accordingly.


How much value does waterproofing a basement add?

There are two ways to look at this. If you have a major problem and did nothing about it, your home may actually decrease in value. In this case, waterproofing will at least maintain the value of your home. Second, you may be able to add some living space if the basement is of a suitable size. So long as you have reasonable access and enough headroom, you can convert your basement into a separate room and, perhaps, an en-suite bedroom. This should add a significant amount of value to your home with that extra capacity and is well worth considering.


Your Next Step

As you can see, a leaking basement can be a significant problem and may take a sizeable effort to rectify. There are many different ways to approach this task, but your first job should be to bring in an expert who specializes in budget waterproofing. Talk to Moisture Loc today. They will send a technician to your property to assess the scale of the problem and find out why you have an issue in the first place. Then, they will recommend a course of action and help you draw up a plan that fits in with your budget. Remember, you cannot afford to ignore a leaky basement and should get working on the problem as soon as possible.