Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Mold Removal

Mold at home could put your family’s health at risk. Respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and sinus infections are the most prevalent health concerns related to mold exposure. Other possible side effects include headaches, sore throat, breathing difficulties, hives, itching, and asthma attacks.

Aside from endangering your health, mold also damages your home, as it degrades materials like wood. In some extreme situations, structures have collapsed as a result of excessive mold damage. The repair work to rectify mold damage at home can be quite pricey, too. Therefore, taking care of a mold problem before it gets worse is crucial.

Dry ice blasting is the most effective and widely used mold removal method among remediation professionals. Here, we’ll discuss dry ice blasting for mold removal and its many benefits.

Dry Ice Blasting for Mold Removal

How does dry ice blasting for mold removal work?

In the dry ice blasting for mold removal process, the mold is sprayed with carbon dioxide (CO2), thereby causing it to shrink and detach from whatever surface it is bonded to. This stops the mold from growing again.

High pressure is also used at -78°C or below freezing temperatures in this operation. Low temperatures aid in ensuring structural integrity.

dry ice blasting for mold removal has been found to eliminate mold spores from contaminated surfaces effectively and completely in less time and with less effort when compared with other mold remediation techniques. Contractors can access spaces between beams, inside roof sheathing, and other tight spaces, completely removing mold spores and eliminating the need to use encapsulation and biocides.

What are the benefits of dry ice mold removal?

For both homeowners and remediation firms, dry ice blasting is a preferable abrasive blasting method, as it produces very little secondary waste. It is also non-toxic and safe, and it prevents exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Also, dry ice blasting won’t cause any major damage to the affected surface. When blasting on wood, for example, roughly 1/32 of the wood surface is removed. This blasting technique removes the mold spores effectively but does not compromise the structural integrity of the wood in the affected area.

Homeowners benefit from dry ice blasting because it eliminates mold, improves indoor air quality, and protects the structural integrity of your property. Aside from these, there are additional advantages, such as:

  • Removes mold spores completely
  • Eliminates mold from around sensitive locations (e.g., around plumbing pipes and electrical cables) without causing damage
  • Keeps all surfaces entirely dry and free of contaminants
  • Destroys all dangerous organic materials
  • Doesn’t leave behind any secondary trash or residue

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