Different Types of Interior Drainage

Crawl Space Drainage Systems

Water in your crawl space has a direct impact on building longevity and health. In order to improve the integrity and air quality of your home, it’s essential to install the right kind of drainage system. There are multiple drainage systems available to choose from, including French drain systems, low point drain and discharge systems, and exterior French drain systems.

Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of crawl space drainage, and compare these systems to see which configuration is right for your home.

What is a crawl space drainage system?

Crawl space drainage systems help ensure proper foundation drainage. In order to prevent standing water and prevent unhealthy evaporation into the home, you need to deal with water before it accumulates. Dedicated crawl space drainage is designed to prevent water buildup after heavy rain and manipulate the movement of water when heavy weather events occur. Along with drainage systems, you can also install sump pumps, perimeter devices, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers.

Types of crawl space drainage systems

Water always seeks the path of least resistance and is greatly affected by the structure of soil and rocks under your home. The best drainage system for your home depends on the size, shape, and materials used in the crawl space. The following three systems are in wide use across the United States:

Crawl space French drain system

A crawl space French drain is a subsurface structure designed to address water saturation in the crawl space. Hydrostatic force pushes water into the surrounding soil. A French drain diverts all moisture into a specially made underground barrier trench. With a crawl space perimeter drain, a trench is installed around the edges of your basement, and a sunken pipe carries the water away.

Crawl space low point drain & discharge

A low point drain and discharge system is designed to manipulate the flow of water from the lowest point in the crawl space. This drain system is fairly simple, consisting of a pipe installed at the lowest level. Because the drain pipe is mounted steeply, the water can be directed out of the crawl space.

Exterior French drain system

Exterior French drain systems are fairly similar to standard French drains, only this time, the drain is installed outside your crawl space. These drains allow water to be diverted around the exterior perimeter of your home. While interior systems are generally preferred, they are more expensive and not always possible to install.

Looking after the building integrity and air quality of your home depends on crawl space drainage. Too much moisture in the soil or air can lead to a range of problems, including damage to building materials, mold, mildew, and numerous health problems. When you have the right crawl space drainage system installed for your home, you can avoid all of these issues.

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