Structural Foundation Repair

Our Structural Foundation Repair Services Offer A Permanent Solution to Stabilize Your Home

If you’re dealing with bowing walls, gaps in doors or windows, or cracks around door frames in your home, you likely need foundation repair. Moisture Loc can provide permanent stabilization.  The foundation repair specialists at Moisture Loc can repair band joists, failing foundation walls and piers, and uneven or bouncy floors.

We can help address all of these issues with a free consultation. Contact Moisture Loc today for a permanent solution.


Foundation problems can happen by many possible factors but are usually the result of three common issues:

  • Poor Support: The support under your home needs to have more support posts to stabilize your home’s foundation

  • Weak Floor Joists or Beams: Moisture issues, wood rot, or termites have damaged your structural wood.

  • Weak Soil: Weak soils underneath the crawl space supports have caused the home’s foundation to settle.

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