Basement walls take pressure from many different sources. When water causes the soil around them to expand and contract, or your home starts to settle, your foundation walls will begin to bow.  If you own or are looking to buy a home with bowing or buckling foundation walls, it’s important to figure out what is causing them and what can be done to correct them.

What do bowed foundation walls look like?

BOWED WALLS – What Causes Them?

Bowed walls can occur due to the age of the structure, poor construction, large tree roots, or water pressure.

  • When the ground freezes and then thaws, it expands and contracts water in the soil. This cycle causes the soil to push against the foundation wall, resulting in bowed walls.
  • Bowed walls are commonly seen in older homes due to soil settlement and repetitive freeze and thaw cycles.
  • Water pressure building up in the soil outside of a house is another common cause of bowing walls.
  •  Large roots and trees can also cause walls to bow or lean by putting pressure on foundation walls.
  • If a house is built on a lot with improper drainage or has bad soil conditions, pressure can build against the walls and cause them to lean or bow.


It is important to address bowed or leaning wall problems before they get worse

It is important to address bowed or leaning wall problems before they get worse. If your foundation walls are beginning to bow or buckle, it is time to contact Moisture Loc and have our foundation repair team diagnose these foundation issues.

We are experts in correcting the problems that cause bowing and buckling walls. We have a variety of solutions to repair bowed walls, however, it is likely our carbon fiber wall supports are the ideal solution for correcting the problem.

Rhino carbon fiber wall strips are the only patented carbon fiber system that ties into the footer, wall and sill plate for complete protection against any movement. The straps repair bowed walls and concrete cracks in foundation walls, which in turn also prevent water from entering inside.

To get started on your foundation repair solution for bowing walls, call our foundation Repair division at 704-554-9229 or contact us online for a free consultation!