April showers bring May flowers! Your home is getting a break from the cold, snow, and winter storm damage from the last few months, but it still needs your attention and care from the subtle dangers of spring. The sunshine, higher temperatures, and lasting daylight also bring increased pest activity, pollen and other allergens, and spring rainstorms that can seep into your unprotected crawl space before conquering the rest of your home.

How To Protect Your Home From Spring Weather

3 Ways Spring Weather Can Damage Your Foundation

1.) Pests

Wood eaters and other insects seek out and thrive in dark, moisture-heavy environments. As we change seasons, it’s important to check your crawl space for any existing moisture damage and prevent any future issues. Encapsulating your crawl space prevents moisture and humidity from infiltrating the foundation of your home and spreading. Sealing your vents and encapsulating your crawl space creates a barrier that prevents pests from penetrating your home’s defenses and creating future issues like wood rot and allergies.

2.) Pollen & Other Allergens

Forty percent of the air circulating through your home has been filtered through your crawl space as air rises through the structure. If you and your family experience problems with allergies, asthma, and other health-related issues, it could mean that your crawl space is in desperate need of a spring cleaning. Sealing off your crawl space stops pollen, allergens, and mold from taking root – keeping your home’s air healthier and safer for everyone.

3.) Spring Showers

As the month’s tick into late spring and early summer, temperatures rise and rain showers are more frequent. As a result, humidity can start presenting a problem under your home. When your crawl space experiences a spike in humidity, condensation forms, water becomes trapped, mold can grow, the structure of your crawl space can suffer, and the air quality of your home can decrease. Encapsulating your crawl space does more than just keep rain out; it protects the stability of your home’s foundation.

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