Mold in Crawl Spaces

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Mold in any part of your home is unhealthy and damaging to your property.
If you find mold under your house or mold in a crawl space, you want to deal with it promptly to avoid further problems. In this post, we’ll take a look at black mold, white mold in crawl spaces, and how to get rid of mold. Furthermore, we’ll explain what causes mold so you can learn how to prevent mold in crawl spaces. By understanding the workings of mold, you’ll be one step ahead of this annoying and potentially harmful problem.

Causes of mold in your crawl space

What Causes Mold to Grow in Crawl Spaces?

Mold grows easily in crawl spaces because there is usually a higher level of humidity and moisture in this location. Since crawl spaces are right up against the ground, moisture is always nearby and ready to invade the area, which is an invitation for mold to begin. These areas must stay dry to keep mold away.

Common Reasons Mold Grows in Crawl Spaces

Mold in crawl spaces and under houses is common, but you might be wondering about the causes. Where does mold come from? Unfortunately, crawl spaces are the perfect place for mold to grow. The location and environment of crawl spaces invite mold. Mold spores are already in the air, and they just need material to cling to, a moist, humid place, and mild temperatures to thrive.

Once mold begins to grow, it leaves spots and marks that vary in color. If you see white mold in a crawl space, that can indicate the mold is in its earlier stages of development, meaning you need to act fast to eliminate it.

You may be particularly concerned about black mold because it’s the most dangerous. Black mold, also known as “Stachybotrys,” can cause harmful physical symptoms. So, what causes black mold? and how does black mold form? Black mold results when the environmental circumstances are conducive to growing mold.

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Crawl Spaces

Preventing mold in a crawl space is much better than dealing with it after it becomes a growing hazard. With a bit of work, you can stop mold from growing under your house by doing the following:

  • Make sure the crawl space is properly sealed off and encapsulated
  • Check to see if any leaky water pipes are causing a problem. Water in a crawlspace will quickly lead to mold growth if not taken care of
  • If you have a dryer vent nearby, ensure that it is not blowing humid air into the crawl space.
  • Enlist the aid of an expert who can guide you in preventive measures.

How to Get Rid of Mold in Crawl Spaces

Whether you have white mold in a crawl space or black mold, you want to take action promptly to get rid of it. Even a little bit of mold under the house will grow in a short amount of time. You can eliminate the mold effectively with the proper help. This is a job that most homeowners cant tackle on their own because it requires finding the root of the mold/water issue and providing a proper permanent solution to ensure it won’t return. Your best bet is finding a professional to inspect and manage this for you.

Moisture Loc’s crawl space mold removal and basement mold removal are two services that will do a great job getting rid of mold and solving the water and humidity issues that cause mold growth in your crawl space.

Mold is a nasty and harmful fungus that can spread fast under your house and in your crawl space. Preventative measures are helpful but if you have already seen signs of mold, then it’s best to attack the problem immediately. Moisture Loc can assist you with all your mold removal needs. Contact Moisture Loc today for more information about their services.