Interior Perimeter French Drain

Interior Perimeter Pipe & Stone Drain

An interior perimeter French Drain collects water inside the basement and directs it outside of the house.

A trench is dug around the perimeter of your basement and a pipe is placed around the trench and covered with stone. This trench is usually connected to a sump pump, which stores the water and ejects it outside of the house.

Wall Board System

Basement Panel Sytem

If you have water coming into your basement, we will often recommend our panel system. This includes a trench with a  drain along the perimeter of your basement and attaching a fiberglass panel to the walls. This panel collects the water that would normally seep into your wall, directs it to the trench, and is carried away through the drain.

Panel is made of inorganic materials that will not grow mold or mildew

Interior Low Point Drain

Low Point Drain & Discharge

A low point drain is a pipe that is installed at the lowest point of your basement. This drain usually slopes underground towards the street and allows water to flow out of the basement.

Interior Sump Pump

Sump Pump

A sump pump and sump pump basin is installed in a basement where fall is marginal or non-existent to remove water/moisture. A 36 inch deep by 36 inch wide sump pump basin is installed at the lowest point in a basement. The pump is installed in the Basin and covered with a lid. A PVC pipe is used to remove the water away from the foundation as necessary.

A Permanent Solution

Get a permanent solution to your wet, moist basement walls or floor. Our interior water management solutions will keep water from ruining the inside of your basement.

Request a free consultation from one of our experts who will find the root of the moisture and provide an efficient solution to your individual issue.

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