COVID-19 & Social Distancing Policy

Response to COVID-19 & Our Social Distancing Policy

To Our Valued Customers,

Moisture Loc, Inc is following procedures as outlined by the CDC to keep our team and you safe. From estimate to install, our team is practicing social distancing and can perform services with no face-to-face contact.

We are taking extra precautions daily to be sure that our team is healthy and prepared to help make your home or building safer and healthier. To better protect our customers and staff, we have implemented a few temporary internal and service based-policy updates due to COVID-19 that we will be following during this time.

Our Services

  • We will be suspending all face-to-face contact with customers.
  • For consultations, our technician will evaluate the area and send pictures to the customer along with a proposal with recommendations for repair. A phone call will also be made before and after the consultation.
  • Our estimates are digital, allowing you to receive all the pertinent information in an organized manner without physical human contact.
  • Our installers will temporarily be refraining from knocking on doors and engaging with customers unless necessary and with your permission.
  • If you wish to meet with your installer or inspector, they will be refraining from handshakes as a precaution to you and our team. Meetings must also only be held outside while maintaining a 6-foot distance remaining between parties.

Internal Updates

  • Our office is closed to outside visitors and we are only accepting mail and vendor deliveries.
  • Our office staff is working remotely and are performing work duties from their homes, connecting via conference apps to keep current on scheduling and delivery needs.
  • All vehicles will carry sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer to keep workers sanitized between jobs.

Thank you all for your support and commitment to Moisture Loc. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Doug Doggett

Owner & CEO