Wall Stabilization

Leaning or Bowed Wall Solutions

Helical Tiebacks

Helical Tiebacks

Leaning or bowing walls are a common sign that your home’s foundation is settling. This foundation issue means that your foundation is shifting dues to excess pressure in the ground. This pressure is caused by excess groundwater, causing your walls to lean which leads to other foundation issues.

To repair these leaning or bowing walls and prevent them from getting worse, helical tiebacks should be installed. Helical tiebacks are foundation supports intended to straighten and strengthen basement and retaining walls.

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors

Moisture Loc’s wall anchor system uses high-strength steel anchoring plates and structural anchor rods to instantly stabilize the wall and counterbalance the pressure against the wall.



I-beams are high strength steel beams which brace a wall. They bolt to the concrete floor and the joists, and then bolt through a buckling wall to give it support. They are easier to install than tieback piers or plates, but the trade-off is that they take a little space from a basement interior.

Carbon Fiber Wall Strips

Carbon Fiber Wall Straps

Wall Strips are used to wrap your foundation, basement, or retaining wall similar to how a body cast is used for humans. These wraps can be used horizontally, vertically, or any combination. Once the carbon fiber cures, the wall is locked in place from shifting. They are low profile and easily painted.

Permanent Wall Stabilization

Our wall stabilization techniques will ensure your walls are sturdy and will no long shift. Leaning walls can ruin your homes foundation and will only get worse if the problem is ignored.

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