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left I recently decided to seal my crawl space due to high moisture readings. I called Moisture Loc and they made everything very easy, performed the work in a timely fashion, made no messes in my yard and simply did a great job for me and my family. I would highly recommend Moisture Loc to anyone that wants to reduce the moisture in their crawl space or waterproof their crawl space. I felt the need to protect my largest investment- my home and I’m very happy with the craftsmanship Moisture Loc used and I would endorse their product and company to anyone. right


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left  Very rarely am I blown away with company performances as I was with Moisture Loc. We recently purchased a home only to find standing water weeks later in the crawl  space. Quoted a few other companies who all recommended french drains and sump pump – for a significant amount of money. Not only did Moisture Loc come in at over half the quoted price of the other guys, but provided a real solution to drain the water out and away from our house and our neighbor’s. Will DEFINITELY recommend to others and would hire again in an instant. right


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left Moisture Loc repaired a sinking foundation for us under a bay window and did a fantastic job. I contacted them after receiving a quote from another company that our structural engineer said seemed unreasonable. They were so honest and thorough that I am glad we went with a 2nd opinion. Job was completed in a timely manner with perfect results. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for foundation repair. right


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left  Just got through with large rewaterproofing of my exterior basement wall. Over 26 feet of basement wall was excavated down to the footings (10 feet deep). Walls were cleaned of old pink insulation board, and then wire brushed to remove any remaining residue. A coat of hydraulic cement was hand applied as a parge coat, then a heavy 2 coat application of their Watchdog Waterproofing Membrane was applied. Moisture Loc’s drain board was then applied as the final coating for the wall. New 4″ drain pipe was installed and tested to insure water was flowing through the pipe system to daylight. The trench was then filled 1/2 way up with washed stone followed by the backfill dirt.
This is exactly what was quoted for the job and exactly what I received from a very experienced and thorough crew. I cannot praise these guys enough for the fantastic job they performed. I entertained several companies before selecting Moisture Loc and definitely made the right selection. If you want it done right give these guys a call. right


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left  I had some moisture issues in my crawl space and had several companies come out for estimates. I had to solve the problem with a very limited budget & most estimate were proposing quite extensive work &  a huge price tag. Moisture Loc came up with a very simple and very affordable solution to the problem and did the work in a timely and professional manner. I will recommend Moisture Loc to my friends and neighbors. right

ROBIN WISE, Charlotte, NC

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left  Our foundation repair specialist was wonderful to work with. He really went above and beyond and had our foundation as good as new in a very short period of time. I would recommend them a million times over. right

JULIA SMITH, Charlotte, NC

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left  I had a problem with water not draining properly in my crawl space  potential of water accumulation and mold.  Moisture Loc installed a French drain, sealed crawlspace and a dehumidifier. The entire process and team was extremely professional and crawl space is now at a constant temperature with significantly lower humidity levels. I highly recommend to anyone requiring work on their home. right

ALBERT WONG, Cornelius, NC