17 Mil Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation – 17 Mil

The 17 Mil Poly Liner or barrier is our strongest and most durable cross-laminated (contains micro-fibers) liner. The 17 Mil Poly Liner is placed over the crawl space floor to help reduce moisture from the ground rising up into your floor system, insulation, and home. We recommend 100% of the crawl space floor be covered. We also specialized in crawl space encapsulations, which fully protect your crawl space from water, moisture, and mold issues.

6 Mil Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation – 6 Mil

The 6 Mil is a liner that is placed over the ground floor of your crawl space. This vapor barrier will reduce SOME moisture evaporation, but it doesn’t seal out all of the moisture from the interior perimeter. We recommend using a 17 mil vapor barrier which is stronger and more durable, however, the 6 mil does meet NC building codes.

Sealed Pipe Penetration

Sealed Pipe Penetrations

Many homeowners have pipes running through their foundation walls without any type of sealing. There are large gaps around the pipe which allows water to come in from outside. In order to prevent water from coming in through these gaps, it is important to properly seal them to ensure water will stay out of your home. Moisture Loc uses commercial grade caulk to inject around the pipe and fill in the gaps. This product is only available commercially and is guaranteed to outlast your basic hardware store products.

Crack Repairs

Crack Repairs

Filling in gaps is important to keep water out, but also to protect from insects invading your home. For crack repairs, we use a special applicator and commercial-grade polymers to fill in unwanted gaps.

Exterior Waterproofing and Foundation Drain Installation

Exterior Waterproofing & Foundation Drain Installation

Exterior Waterproofing locks moisture away from a crawl space, making it the perfect solution for homes under construction, and for existing homes that have exterior access to below grade walls. A heated asphalt emulsion is sprayed on exterior walls to stop water from ever getting in and a drain is installed to move water safely away from your foundation walls.

Keep Water from Entering your Crawl Space

Get the solutions you need to keep water from entering your crawl space. Our expert technicians provide a permanent solution to ensure water will not come inside.

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