The GreenSpace™ Sealed Crawl Space is our ultimate waterproofing system which provides total climatization of your crawl space. Our system encapsulates your crawl space to combat high moisture levels, mold or mildew, and standing water problems. The environment of the crawl is kept at a reasonable temperature, keeping moisture levels at a constant low and preventing mold and mildew growth. Our GreenSpace™ Sealed Crawl Space System locks out moisture, sparing the home and homeowners from a variety of health issues, hazards and structural damages that are a result of excessive moisture.

Sealing seams of vapor barrier

Step 1: Seal Seams of Vapor Barrier

The first step in our sealed crawl space encapsulation is placing a durable 17-mil poly liner along the interior crawl space walls, around the interior crawl space piers, and over 100% of the crawl space floor.  The liner is taped down and caulked, to ensure your crawl space stays fully encapsulated, and in turn, prevents moisture from rising up from the ground and into your floor system, insulation, and home.

Sealing crawl space vents

Step 2: Seal Crawl Space Vents

The next step in sealing a crawl space is ensuring no humid outside air is getting into your crawl space. We seal the vents with a commercial-grade insulating board which prevents hot or cold air from coming into your crawl space.

Insulating the walls - optional step

Step 3: Insulate Walls (optional)

Adding insulation to crawl space walls improves thermal resistance in masonry walls, which may significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency and conserve heating and cooling costs.

Installing the Energy Star De-Humidifier

Step 4: Install Energy Star De-Humidifier

A dehumidifier is an essential step in a crawl space encapsulation, which is why Moisture Loc uses dehumidifiers that are designed specifically for crawl space or basement application’s. The Santa-Fe Dehumidifier is placed into the crawl space in order to dry out humid air and keep moisture away.

The dehumidifier is equipped with a fan that draws in moist, humid air through a cold evaporator coil, cooling the air below its dew point. Once the air is cooled below dew point, it turns into water, which is collected and automatically drained.

Removing floor joist insulation if aged or damaged

Step 5: Remove Floor Joist Insulation

If insulation is aged or damaged due to high moisture, it can cause Fungi growth, create cold or hot spots in your floors, and produce energy loss throughout your floors.

By removing the old or damaged insulation and replacing it with new insulation, the heating and cooling properties in your home are improved dramatically and will reduce your risk of Fungi growth.

1st Year Warranty Service Contract

1st Year Warranty Service Contract

Moisture Loc’s Greenspace™ Sealed Crawl Space includes a 1-Year Service Warranty. We can ensure your sealed crawl space will be installed properly, however over time outside factors can impede its performance. Our trained technicians will come back a year after installation to check your system and ensure your investment is working properly.

A Permanent Solution to High Humidity

The GreenSpace™ Sealed Crawl Space is one of our options to permanently solve humidity in crawl spaces. High humidity levels lead to mold growth, moisture, and eventually cause structural damages to your home.  It is important to repair this issue as it will continue to get worse.

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