Mold Issues In Your Basement?

Musty odors and increased allergies in your home are signs you are dealing with mold issues in your basement. Wherever there is moisture and inadequate ventilation, mold can grow in as quickly as 24-48 hours. If you have a finished basement, it can grow on the back of the drywall, underneath the carpet or flooring, and virtually any organic surface. Once present in your home, mold can spread through the air – contaminating your home and harmfully impacting your health.

Before Mold & Fungi Removal

After Mold & Fungi Removal

Contain the Area & Prevent Further Contamination

Once mold is noticed in your basement, it is critical to respond quickly and contain the area effectively. Waiting to contact a mold remediation company can:

  • Cause mold to spread throughout your property
  • Increase mold growth
  • Damage to your health (allergies, respiratory issues) especially those with weak immune systems
  • Damage walls, floors, and carpets beyond repair

If mold is not contained and remediated correctly it can spread, which leads to expensive damages and a slow restoration process. There are two types of services we offer, depending on the amount of mold present. The most common method we use is dry ice blasting.

Mold Remediation Method Services: Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is the newest step in mold remediation for basement mold issues. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and effective without using harsh cleaning chemicals and can do a more thorough job compared to conventional techniques. Our Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine is the leading technology in the industry, thus providing you with the most superior service. Dry ice blasting is similar to power washing or sand blasting, without the mess. An air compressor blasts pellets of dry ice that evaporate the existing mold spores without leaving behind materials or residues in need of cleaning. >> Learn more about the process of dry ice blasting in basements

OSHA Certified in Mold, Mold Prevention and Mold Remediation

Floor Joist Wipe-down or Spot Treatment

When fungi is found, we will need to treat it by wiping down the floor joist with mold anti-microbial. This gets rid of the mold and prevents it from coming back in the future. If fungi matter is found in the insulation, it may be necessary to have it removed and replaced.

Permanent Mold Removal

Our commercial-grade mold removal products and techniques will ensure mold is removed from your crawl space. However, in many cases, it is necessary to have other waterproofing services done in order to prevent the mold from coming back. Moisture or water in the basement is what causes mold, so if the conditions aren’t changed the mold will likely come back. We offer free consultations for both mold remediation and waterproofing.

Request a free consultation to find out what measures need to be taken to remove the mold in your crawl space for good!