A chronically wet yard is more dangerous than most think. The hydraulic pressure of a wet yard pushes water everywhere, including under your home. Yes, it is similar to having a home in a swamp, and these homes can shift. In some extreme cases, sink holes can develop.  Moisture Loc will evaluate your yard drainage issue and provide the best solution to direct the water away from your yard and home

Drain Line Extension

Downspout Extensions

Adding extensions to your downspouts or your perimeter yard drains ensures that water is being directed a safe distance away from your home. These extensions are attached securely to the downspout or yard drain and buried below ground level for aesthetic and safety reasons.

French Drain Yard Drain

French Drain System

French Drains are also referred to as pipe and stone drains. Slotted pipes are buried in a channel filled with stone in order to collect excess water and channel the water away from your home. The water is either ejected to a lower level – such as a ditch, well, or street, or pumped out to a desired location.

Basin and Drain System

Basin and Drain System

Exterior French Drains are used to direct unwanted water away from your home and foundation. When it rains, water flows into the pipe and is ejected to a lower level – such as a ditch, well, or street.