Mold Issues In Your Crawl Space?

Musty odors and increased allergies in your home are signs you are dealing with mold issues in your crawl space. Wherever there is moisture and inadequate ventilation, mold can grow. Mold can grow on floor joists, walls, flooring, in the insulation, and any other organic surfaces.

Along with mold remediation, it is also important to find the root of the crawl space moisture problem and repair this issue to ensure the mold will not return. If the crawl space is still moist and wet, mold will not stay away for long.

Mold Remediation Services We Offer

Mold on the crawl space floor joists can be treated by wiping down with mold anti-microbial

Floor Joist Wipe-down or Spot Treatment

When mold is found on crawl space floor joists, we typically treat it by wiping down the floor joist with mold anti-microbial. This gets rid of the mold and prevents it from coming back in the future. However, if mold or fungi is found in the insulation, it may be necessary to have it removed and replaced.

If the presence of mold is severe, the mold must be handled by specialists because of health considerations.

Mold Remediation per IICRC S520 Standards

If the presence of mold is severe enough, the mold must be handled by specialists because of health considerations for both the homeowner and the mold technicians. This is more expensive than fungi spot treatment or complete wipedown, but used in situations where health is a factor.

Permanent Mold Removal

Our commercial grade mold removal products and techniques will ensure mold is removed from your crawl space. However, in many cases, it is necessary to have other waterproofing services done in order to prevent the mold from coming back. Moisture or water in the crawl space is what causes mold, so if the conditions aren’t changed the mold will likely come back.

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