Crawl Space Vents – why you should seal them

There’s still quite a bit of controversy and confusion surrounding whether you should keep your crawl space vents opened or closed. And naturally, the crawl space in your home probably isn’t a place that you spend a lot of time thinking about. However, this small place can cause big problems for your home if you don’t take heed to the right advice.

Sealing a crawl space vent

But what is the right advice? Some people think that the vents are there for a reason and should remain open. The problem with that reasoning is that the climate allows for moisture to enter your home and cause damage that usually goes unnoticed. Therefore, the easiest way to deal with any problems in your crawl space is to seal its vents. Here’s why:

Crawl space vents are a major cause of higher energy bills, condensation in your crawl space, and mold.  They were initially designed so that outside air could dry out the crawl space and prevent problems like dry rot. However, it has been proven that they cause more damage than they do good.

If open, these vents allow the crawl space to take on the conditions of the outside air. Not only can insects such as termites and carpenter ants enter your home through these vents, but so can moisture and outside air. When it’s cold outside, cold air will enter the crawl space and cool down anything in its wake, such as hot water pipes, water heaters, furnaces, etc. By allowing this cold air into your home, you’re forcing these systems to work harder, increasing your energy bills. During warmer months, damp, hot air will enter your home through these vents, creating condensation on pipes and windows. This condensation can lead to dangerous mold growth, which can have serious health consequences.

You can very simply combat these problems by sealing your crawl space vents. Crawl space vents have been proven obsolete, so they won’t compromise your home. Sealing your crawl space vents will help prevent your crawl space from matching the conditions outdoors, keeping your home climate stable and under your control.

Sealing your crawl space vents is a necessary repair that will improve the quality of your home and eliminate possible unhealthy conditions. If you’re interested in taking this step towards improving your home, contact Moisture Loc today! Simply click the button below to gain access to a coupon for free financing for your home repairs!