Dry Ice Blasting Services

Moisture Loc has added a new method of mold remediation to their line of services – Dry Ice Blasting.

Dry Ice Blaster Service - now available

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blasting is the new standard for mold remediation. Environmentally friendly, time-saving, and simple to use, dry ice blasters have moved beyond the messy and time-consuming methods of sanding and scraping. Powered by an air compressor, dry ice pellets are discharged at an accelerated speed, creating mini-explosions on the surface of your material that lifts the undesirable item off the underlying area. Once these pellets have been compressed, they pass from a solid into a gas without ever turning into a liquid – eliminating secondary waste and firmly erasing the mold altogether.

ColdJet Aero 80 HP Dry Ice Blaster

The ColdJet Aero 80 HP Dry Ice Blaster is Moisture Loc’s newest weapon against mold found in crawl spaces and basements. This method is time-saving, doesn’t produce secondary waste, cleans hard to reach places, and is environmentally safe.

However, no amount of cleaning – no matter how thorough – will completely eliminate mold spores if the source of the problem is left untreated. Dry Ice Blasting is the best and newest way to manage mold spores.