Helical Piers could be the answer to your foundation settlement

Helical piers have been around for over 150 years are used to successfully stabilize a home experiencing foundation settlement. Sometimes referred to as “helical piles” they are structural posts that are drilled into the ground to anchor the foundation in place. A steel shaft with intermittent helix plates is rotated into the ground (much like a screw) until it hits stable soil.

Helical piers are easy to setup - and effective

A bracket is then attached to both the pier and the home’s foundation to hold them in place for stability and support against shifting or unstable soil. Through this process, the weight of the foundation moves from the unstable soil around it and onto the steel piers which are better prepared and more capable of holding the weight of the structure.

The foundation is now supported by the piers that have been drilled down past the weak soil and anchored into a firmer and more secure level of the soil. The structure is now protected from any future shifting of the unstable soil closer to the surface.

Building foundation now supported by helical piers

Why Helical Piers?

There are several reasons that foundation repair experts use and endorse helical piers. They are low cost when compared to the expense of replacing someone’s entire foundation. Additionally, helical piers are installed quickly and with little disruption to the home. Because of this, there is no need to leave the property during the repair.

The equipment needed to install helical piers is portable and designed to fit in tight or awkward spaces.
This system of repair tackles both the cause of foundation settlement and guarantees the home will not shift again in the future. In some cases, helical piers can even lift foundations back to their original levels, preventing further damage and resolving existing damage.

For more information on helical piers and how they can help your foundation settlement, contact a professional today!