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Yard Drainage Protect your Yard from Damaging Water

Our yards are a central part of our homes. Cookouts, family gatherings, summertime fun, and a whole host of other activities are possible because of our yards and the care that we provide them to ensure that they stay in good condition. Improper drainage can damage your yard – not to mention your foundation. Without a proper drainage system, your home could face structural damage like foundation cracks or leaks, excess water could find its way into your home resulting in mold or humidity issues, your yard could remain soggy or experience root rot, mosquitos could become a permanent fixture if your yard has standing water, and finally your yard could face erosion problems if excess water us not handled and directed properly.


Why our Yards Experience Drainage Issues

  1. The slop of our yards could make it difficult or impossible for water to drain properly; if water gathers at a high point or there is nowhere for the water to slop to then there can be no drainage. Instead, the water will pool and become standing water that attracts insects, causes the yard to become soggy, leads to root rot, or even directs it near or into the foundation of your home.
  2. Downspout gutter issues are another reason that our yards can become bogged down with excess water. If gutters aren’t the proper size they can have little to no impact on the water that they are supposed to be catching and directing. Downspouts are intended to direct water away from homes and towards an area where it can properly runoff (that is if the yard has the slop needed for this) instead of gathering around the foundation and resulting in standing water. However, if downspouts are not situated far enough from the home or don’t extend far enough away from the foundation they fail to accomplish their goal. Instead, they merely direct excess water towards or near our foundation rather than away from it.
  3. Impacted soil is also a reason that our yards could experience drainage issues. Instead of allowing excess water to move through the soil and away from the home, impacted soil will absorb all the water and prevent it from draining away properly.


Ways to Fix Drainage Issues

  1. Downspout Extensions fix drainage issues because adding an extension to our downspout makes sure that the water being directed through it is then being deposited at a safe distance away from your house, This system is attached to the existing downspout securely below ground level for both aesthetic and safety reasons.
  2. A French drain system is also known as a “piper and stone drain.” This system protects your property from excess water by using slotted pipes buried in a channel filled with stone in order to collect excess water and then direct that water away from the house.  The water is ejected at a lower level – like a ditch or a well – or it is pumped to a desired location. This system is effective at either dispersing water through the landscape or directing it to a drain. The French drain system is one of the most commonly used systems and is ideal for when water gathers at high points in the yard and needs to be directed to a lower level through the use of gravity.
  3. The basin and drain system is an additional component to something like the French drain system. It’s used to catch the redirected water when there is no safe are easy area for the drainage system to lead the water too. It’s used as the final destination in the yard drainage system and is then fed into the sewage system or something similar.


These are only three methods to resolve yard drainage problems, and there are many more methods out there to choose from. The system for your yard depends on what the issue is, where it originates, what symptoms are present in your yard, the slop of your yard, the makeup of your yard’s soil, and any other possible variables that could influence the effectiveness of the system that you choose to install. If you think that your yard would benefit from redoing, installing, or updating your yard drainage, contact a professional that can make sure you get the best system for your situation!

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