If you are building a home or commercial building and are looking for ways to prevent basement and crawl space moisture or prevent foundation problems, Moisture Loc can provide the solutions you need. We use commercial grade products that will protect your new construction from structural and moisture issues. Some of our common products that help keep moisture and foundation issues from happening to the new construction include:

– Waterproofing Membrane
– Drainage Board
– Exterior Drainage Systems
– Strip Drain Products
– Helical Piers

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A wet, humid commercial crawl space or basement increases the buildings humidity, and in turn increases heating and cooling costs. Over time, the crawl space and basement humidity will cause damages to other areas of your building such as wood rot, sagging floors, mold growth and structural damage.
To learn how you can protect your investment, schedule a free consultation with our commercial waterproofing and foundation repair experts.
Cracked brick or stone on a commercial building likely means your building is sitting on unstable soils. This is just one of the many warning signs that the building may have structural damages. To check out other symptoms, view our Structural Issues Symptom Checker.
Our team of professional foundation repair experts will diagnose the problem and give you the most efficient solution. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our foundation repair experts and learn about the structural repair solutions available for your building.

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